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SANANIM Drug Services


Mission Statement:

"We do not wish to walk indifferently away from those who have lost faith in themselves, in their fellows, in their very human existence. Those who on their path through life have sought refuge in a drug and have thereby come to know its hidden face, a face which reveals itself with a ruthless logic - the face of suffering, pain, loneliness, oppression, and death. We wish to offer a helping hand to all who yearn for it, to all who have sounded an SOS. And we wish to warn those who see in drugs the symbol of a magical, mysterious, or romantic revolution, or the escape from an otherwise hostile reality."


Founded in 1990, SANANIM is now one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the Czech Republic that provides complex services in the area of prevention, treatment and re-socialization of non-alcoholic drug addictions. Besides direct services for clients, all facilities offer professional consultations and internships for experts and students.

Outreach Programs
Their primary goal is to find the risk users of injected non-alcoholic drugs directly in the streets, to protect them (and, at the same time, the healthy population that is in everyday contact with them) from infectious diseases, to motivate them keep them in the best social and medical state possible before they decide for abstinence. Clients are provided with basic medical care including first aid, social and crisis counseling, and are referred to special facilities and care.

Contact Centre
The basic principle of its work is "low threshold" - to allow anonymous access, "without barriers". Anonymous, free-of-charge services help motivate the clients for positive changes. Integral part of the program is to provide basic medical and hygienic services, motivate for making the change, arrange treatment, and provide counseling to parents, partners, and the general public.

Specialized outpatient services CADAS
It specializes in providing services to clients with a dual diagnosis - drug addiction and mental illness. It offers special help when withdrawing the drug (detoxification, substitution program) as well as mental care, psychotherapy, etc.

Day Care Centre
Day care programs offer non-residential care for clients who want avoid long-term isolation from the environment to which they can still be integrated. A special program is offered for mothers and pregnant women. It also serves as filter for those mothers with children that will undergo a community treatment.

Therapeutic Community Nemcice
This is a facility for long-term, in-house treatment and social rehabilitation of clients, who are 21 or older. The total capacity of the community is 20 clients. The treatment lasts approximately 11 months and consists of four phases. These phases differ in the level of requirements, responsibility, and competences. The treatment includes group therapy, individual counseling, work therapy, endurance and sport programs, and leisure activities.

Therapeutic Community Karlov
This community specializes in mid-term in-house treatment of minors and young clients. Addicted mothers with children are another target group. The capacity of the community is 15 individual clients and 10 mothers with at most 2 children each. The treatment lasts approximately 6 to 8 months for minors and 7 to 10 months for mothers with children. The project of treatment for mothers with children is unique in the Czech Republic and helps these children to avoid institutional care, which would otherwise take place during the treatment of their mothers. The rate of success, that is, reintegration and abstinence, is about 65 %.

Aftercare Centre

The centre annually provides outpatient aftercare for about 200 clients, who have undergone addiction treatment and have abstained for more than 2 months. The goal is their return to normal life, keeping the abstinence and strengthening drug-free lifestyle through psychotherapy, consulting, sustained abstinence program, spare time activities, art therapy, or the availability of supervised employment in the ceramic (pottery) shop.
Within the supervised living program, clients can take advantage of temporary accommodation for up to 6 months (about 1 year for mothers with children). Current capacity is 22 beds; out of those, 6 are for mothers with children.

Agency for Employment and Social Services
The project is focused on the improvement of life conditions of former drug addicts through entering successfully the labor market. The idea is based on more than 15 year experience of SANANIM Drug Services with treatment, post-treatment and re-integration of former drug addicts. It provides the missing link between the treatment and successful transition into the normal drug-free life style.

Centre For People In Conflict With Law
The target group consists of long time drug users, usually with repeated history of imprisonment. The centre provides them with support, counseling and assistance when they leave the prison and make it easier for them to reach for aftercare services.

Consulting Room for Parents
It provides counseling and therapeutic services to parents, in some cases to partners, of drug users at various stages of their dependency. Their clients may be also parents of kids that on the one hand only experiment with drugs or on the other hand of kids that refuse any intervention.

Drug Information Centre
The centre compiles processes and distributes information related to drug abuse issues. It offers most of its services through an Internet portal, which hosts the Drug Information Server at www.drogovyserver.cz, the Drug Advice Centre at www.drogovaporadna.cz, which uses unique technology in Europe and provides anonymous counseling, the Information On Drugs at www.odrogach.cz that specialize in primary prevention, and SANANIM's own web pages at www.sananim.cz. The centre also manages a scientific library.


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